Statement: Endings and Beginnings

Hello everyone,


I will start by saying it is with great regret that I am writing this and what is to follow. On January 16th 2016, myself (@jt_inseoul) and Chulsu Kim started Wearethestreet. Chulsu started it as a small Facebook group and together we brought it to Instagram. Over the next year we added members to our group. First, AikBeng Chia and then Junku Nishimura. Soon later came Sean Lotman and Nicholas Dominic Talvola. It felt like one of the most interesting, fun, and tight-knit groups of photographers – rather, friends – that I have been around. We laughed as we created. We joked and smiled as we grew. In July, we held a two week workshop and month long exhibition with all of our members here in Seoul. We were hosted by Leica Korea to great success. We proudly launched our first zine around the same time and were extremely pleased with the feedback from the people who purchased it. All was good.


About two weeks ago, Chulsu decided he wanted to leave and dissolve the group and the Instagram. This saddened us greatly as it was something we had built together. Upon trying to contact him, we realized that he had blocked us on all social media (including Facebook and messengers) and had re-launched Wearethestreet on his own. He deleted all of our photos, all of the photos we had featured. All of the photos of yours – our followers – that we had featured. It was a sad day for us and one that we still don’t truly understand. I will say, however, that we as a team will continue on! The five of us are steadfast in our passion for photography and our loyalty to each other and to you. We will continue to create, learn, teach, and grow as a team and as friends.


We implore you not to misunderstand us. We aren’t asking you to take action. Maybe you like what is being done now over at WATS. You don’t have to unfollow Wearethestreet or its creator. We just wanted the facts to be known about what took place and how it took place. I hope you continue to support AikBeng Chia, Sean, Nick, Junku, and myself, Jt, in our next and future projects. Much love and positive vibes.


– The artists formerly known as those of wearethestreet.


Stay tuned this week for a new post about our new group, new direction, and new zine announcement!



One thought on “Statement: Endings and Beginnings

  1. I’m sorry this happened, sometimes you decide to move on, sometimes the decision is made for you. Either way, there are always positives. Well done for building something, nothing lasts for ever!


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